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Government Housing Schemes

  • Flexible
  • Up to 90%
    Property Value Finance
  • No
    Salary Transfer


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For DIB HOME FINANCE – IJARAH Sharia Certificate, click here

For DIB PROPERTY FINANCE – ISTISNA & FORWARD IJARA Sharia Certificate, click here

For DIB PROPERTY FINANCE – MURABAHA Sharia Certificate, click here

For DIB Home Finance – Supply & Installation (Murabaha) Sharia Certificate, click here

Ijarah for Ready Properties

Ijara - A lease contract with a variety of down-payments, tenure and variable rate options, wherein the Bank leases the property in return for a variable rental payment over a specified period, post which and on completion of all payments, the title of the property is transferred to the customer in accordance with the princibles of Sharia.


Forward Ijarah for Home-Construction

The Forward Ijara product is to finance under construction, off-plan & near ready properties. The product is a Sharia-compliant product wherein the customer enters into a lease agreement with DIB for a property to be built and delivered by the customer (under the Purchase Istisna agreement) at an agreed future date to the bank.


Murabaha for Ready & Under-Constuction

Murabaha Supply & Installation Product is to finance under construction properties and Murabaha Buy & Sell Product is to finance ready properties, with a profit rate (fixed over the tenor). Financing tenors up to 15 Years

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