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First Time Buyers

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    Salary Transfer
  • Up to 85%
    Property Value Finance
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Ijarah for Ready Properties

Ijarah - A lease contract with a variety of down payments, tenure and variable rate options, wherein the Bank leases the property in return for a variable rental payment over a specified period, post which and on completion of all payments, the title of the property is transferred to the customer in accordance with the Sharia compliant documents.


Forward Ijarah - for UAE Nationals

The Forward Ijarah product is to finance under construction, off-plan & near ready properties. The product is a Shariah-compliant product wherein the customer enters into a lease agreement with DIB for a property to be built and delivered by the customer (under the Purchase Istisna agreement) at an agreed future date to the bank.


Murabaha for Ready & Under-Construction

Our Murabaha Supply & Installation Product is to finance under construction properties and Murabaha Buy & Sell Product is to finance ready properties, with a profit rate (fixed over the tenor). Financing tenors up to 15 years.

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