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Mumayyaz Privilege Banking

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What is the eligibility for Mumayyaz Privilege Banking?
A monthly salary transfer of AED 15,000 up to AED 35,000. Or maintaining a PFS balance of AED 100,000- 350,000.
What does PFS mean?
It means Personal Financial Standing. This includes all your current, savings, time deposit account balances, and the outstanding amount on auto finance, personal finance, home finance. Investment balances are also included.
How can I become a Mumayyaz customer if I am an existing customer meeting this eligibility but do not have a Mumayyaz status?
You need to fill the upgrade form available in our branches, sign and submit it to the branch for them to upgrade you. You may also select to change your cheque book and card which has related privileges such as retail discounts against it.
In how many branches do you have Mumayyaz dedicated desks available?
Over 40 Branches which will allow individual attention for your branch banking needs with priority queuing access.
How do I know who is my Relationship Officer?
Your branch where the account was opened will assign you a Relationship Officer whenever you visit the branch. There are over 90 Relationship officers dedicated across our branch network.
As a Mumayyaz Customer what special benefits do i get?
You have the access to our full range of Wakala deposits, you can get up to 90% of one months net salary by applying for salary in advance facility up to 30,000 immediately through DIB channels for any unforeseen needs. You can access financing for a car at one of the most competitive rates in the market, or simply take a Personal Finance against your salary at attractive profit rates. You can also buy out your home finance facility or avail of a new purchase of property. For lifestyle benefits we offer discounts against debit/credit cards across the UAE. We also offer mobile cash to pay other individuals through a coded SMS which allows non DIB customers to pick up cash at any DIB ATM.
Does the bank offer alternative channels through which I can do my transactions?
Yes we offer Mobile App, Internet Banking, ATM/CDM, SMS banking, offer seamless transaction capability 24/7. To subscribe to the Mobile app you simply need to download the app and for Internet Banking you need to log onto

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