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Working with Dubai Islamic Bank

Our core objective is to support staff to grow within the company.


Are you interested in working with Dubai Islamic Bank?

Our aim is to enable staff to achieve their full potential in terms of performance and career growth.


Established in 1975 with the vision of providing banking and financial services as per Islamic Sharia principles, Dubai Islamic Bank has earned the reputation of being an Employer of choice, fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment that offers outstanding prospects for all employees.

Our range of programs provide employees with opportunities for continual career development & professional advancement.


Our progressive talent management approach continuously creates exciting career growth plans for existing employees, along with the promise of fresh opportunities for new candidates. If you are looking to make your mark in the Islamic Banking sector with a pioneer in industry, visit our careers portal at and follow us on LinkedIn for the latest vacanices.

'Interest Free' banking made possible



With an eye on the ever-changing financial landscape, our Treasury team combines its strengths and expertise to provide clients with a variety of risk advisory products and services, designed to meet customer requirements, whether for public, corporate or high net-worth individuals.


Investment Banking

Driven by the dynamic global finance market changes and steered by a strong foundation in Sharia principles, our Investment Banking team is responsible for providing a host of innovative solutions to meet customer needs of a personal or corporate nature.


Credit Approval

The approval process for banking products requires experience, an in-depth understanding of risk frameworks and constant attention to detail. As a member of our Credit division, you stand to learn about every banking product from our in-house experts.


Consumer Banking

Our wide range of consumer banking products focus on identifying and addressing the real-time banking needs of our customers - efficiently and effectively. We’re always on the lookout for talent that is adept at problem-solving and keen to play a role in the bigger picture.


Corporate Banking

The integral role of a corporate banker involves maintaining a balance between effectively managing client relationships whilst simultaneously assisting in the effort to develop superior customer solutions in the domestic and international markets.


Central Operations

Often called the backbone of everyday banking, our Central Operations team works like a well-oiled machine, constantly delivering consumer solutions at high performance levels and ensuring customers have access to the latest and most rewarding banking facilities.


Human Resources

With a workforce as diverse and talented as ours, it is essential that our HR and administration policies and teams are of the highest caliber aware of the latest HR initiatives, well-versed in the different training programs available domestically and internationally and focused on creating employee opportunities at ever level of the organization.


Digital & Information Technology

The digital transformation of financial services has taken the banking industry by storm, allowing customers to access their financial relationships all day long, no matter where they are. Our team at Dubai Islamic Bank, focuses on providing customers with safe, secure and convenient ways to bank, bridging the gap between customer requirements and banking best practices.