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19 September 2023

Dubai Islamic Bank Participates in Ru’ya to Advance Emiratisation Goals


Reinforcing its commitment to fostering and uplifting young Emirati talent, Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) announced its participation at the upcoming Ru’ya, Careers UAE Redefined, set to take place at the Dubai World Trade Centre from September 19th to 21st, 2023.

The 2023 edition of Ru’ya is set to inspire young Emiratis to RE:connect, RE:define, and RE:think. This theme resonates with the essence of empowerment, providing invaluable guidance, tools, and connections to propel young talents forward in their career journey. Ru’ya serves as a guiding light for both the corporate realm and the vibrant youth of the UAE, offering an invaluable avenue for interaction. As an integral part of its mission, Ru’ya empowers companies to engage with exceptional UAE nationals, who are eager to propel their careers and contribute significantly to the nation’s prosperity.

Rafia Al Abbar, Head of Human Resources at DIB, said: "Incorporating Emiratisation and economic diversification as fundamental pillars of our strategy, we align ourselves with the UAE government's vision for a future where talent and economic growth go hand in hand. Ru’ya 2023 transcends being a mere event; it is a transformative experience for young Emiratis – an invitation to connect with their dreams and envision their possibilities. As a leading financial Institution, DIB is thrilled to be part of this vision and to contribute to the growth and development of the UAE's promising talents”.

Emiratisation continues to be a key pillar of growth at DIB. In 2022, the bank achieved an impressive Emiratisation ratio - over 43%. As the bank progresses through 2023, it is poised to establish new milestones in Emiratisation, underscoring DIB's commitment to nurturing local talent, while also reinforcing the bank's dedication to national development and workforce diversity.

Dubai Islamic Bank has unveiled a comprehensive set of initiatives designed to accelerate Emiratisation, marking the bank's steadfast commitment to advancing local talent and catalyzing sustainable regional growth. Noteworthy elements of these specialized initiatives include Enhanced Training Programs, Dedicated Recruitment Drives, Succession Planning & Emirati Transition Management, Community Engagement and Periodic Career Days at Government Institutions.

“Engaging with Emirati youth at a successful career fair is not just an opportunity – it's a vital investment in our collective future. The synergy between experienced professionals and budding talents at such events creates a transformative environment, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas, insights, and aspirations. This interaction is not just about recruitment; it is about fostering a collaborative ecosystem where the energy, aspirations, and potential of the youth find a meaningful channel. Such connections fuel the engine of progress for both individuals and the entire nation”, Ms. Al Abbar added.

With various professional initiatives, training and development programs in place, DIB is one of the key players in the banking industry that has been credited with empowering Emirati youth and nurturing a diverse, collaborative and tolerant workplace for UAE nationals. DIB’s strategy has strongly elevated its position as the ‘Employer of Choice’, fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment that offers outstanding prospects for all employees, and places a deep focus on attracting, supporting and training Emirati talent across all key aspects of the business.

Breaking away from traditional recruitment methods, DIB has embarked on a strategic shift towards a targeted, qualitative approach to nurturing its employees. By valuing human capital over mere resources, the bank has fostered an environment where individual development in key roles is paramount. This unique approach has led to numerous UAE Nationals securing leadership positions within the bank, further solidifying DIB’s commitment to growth and diversity.

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