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Security against life's uncertainties



The DIB critical illness plan offers female customers an unmatched Takaful scheme, securing them against some of life's gravest health uncertainties. With coverage against 7 major cancer types with a lump-sum payment on diagnosis, the Takaful-operator for coverage is SALAMA - Islamic Arab Insurance with Dubai Islamic Bank as its distributor.



The plan covers women between the age groups of 18 to 64 with the assured sum set at AED 50,000 per person. 100% of this amount is paid out upon diagnosis of cancer (irrespective of stage).



  1. No health check-up is required prior to enrollment.
  2. During the plan tenure, you can avail of one month, free of contribution.
  3. After the free month, a cost of 33 fils per day is charged for the coverage by the month end.

Any Questions?

Is Health Check-up required for taking this Plan?
No health check up is required.
What is Female Cancer Takaful Plan?
This Takaful Plan pays a Lump sum amount up to the coverage amount upon diagnosis of a one or more of covered female cancers under this Plan.
Who do we contact for customer claims?
Any claims should be routed through Dubai Islamic Bank.
How does it differ from Individual Takaful Plan?
Individual Takaful Plan pays a benefit on the Covered Person(s) death. Cancer Cover Plan pays a benefit when the Covered Person is diagnosed with a covered female cancer and living.
What is Pre Existing Illness means?
Illness, disease or sickness occurring or manifesting prior to the Commencement Date for which advice or treatment was sought or obtained from a medical practitioner, chiropractor, naturopath, or any other practitioner of a similar kind prior to the Commencement Date.
What if I become a non- resident of the UAE, do I still get the cover?
An account holder is eligible only if she is a resident of UAE.
How can a customer Opt-out from this facility?
If you do not require this facility, you may please call the Al Islami Phone Banking and place a request to Opt-out.
What is the benefit under this Plan?
The Company will pay the coverage amount as lump sum on first diagnosis of one or more of the following female cancers, provided that the illness occurs after 90 days from the commencement date of cover and not Pre existing.

Female Cancers Covered Under The Plan are as Follows:
  • Breasts Cancer (one or both)
  • Ovaries Cancer (one or both)
  • Cancer in fallopian tubes (one or both)
  • Cancer of Uterus
  • Cervix Cancer
  • Vagina Cancer
  • Vulva Cancer
What is the cost of the cover per month?
AED 10 per month.
How does this cost compare with options in the market?
This is a Group scheme covering several ladies which allows this type of pricing.
Does the policy pay for my hospitalization expenses? Any cashless benefit?
This is a living benefit Plan. The benefit payment under the Plan will be paid post diagnosis of one or more of the covered female cancers.Hospital admission is not pre-requisite to claim the benefit. Since the payment is a lump sum benefit there is no cashless hospitalization available under this Plan.
How will I know I have been successfully enrolled for this facility?
Upon granting the facility, you will receive an SMS on your mobile number registered with the bank confirming that you have been successfully enrolled.
What is the grace period?
Grace Period is the period granted for the payment of each Takaful contribution falling due after the first Takaful contribution. A grace period of sixty (60) days will be granted for the payment of each contribution falling due after the first contribution , during which time the Plan shall be continued in force, unless the Plan has been cancelled.
Who is eligible for this cover?
All Ladies Account holders identified by the Bank between the ages 18 to 65 years.
How can I Enroll for this cover?
No new enrollments

For Women’s Critical Illness Plan Terms and Conditions, Click here.