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Fatima from DIB
Just now

Looks like you may be taking time to decide. May I help you with something?



Here’s an offer to make your summer brighter.

Use your DIB Visa card and get 30% off your first order. Pick your favorites using the KFC app, and relish the special discount.

T&C apply

  • Offer is capped at AED20 per order.
  • Offer is valid only by paying with Visa.
  • Offer is valid from June 24th to 24th July.
  • Offer is valid through KFC application only.
  • Offer can only be redeemed on time.
  • The offer is valid for Halal Food only.
  • DIB Cards can only be used for Sharia compliant products and services. 
  • For more terms and conditions, click here