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How to mitigate Bank and Country Risk?
DIB’s network of correspondent banks comprises of leading financial institutions around the globe that provide trade services, capable to add value / control risk and ensure premium service delivery to our valuable customers which includes Advising (Adv) & Confirmation (Conf) and payment undertaking covering typical Bank & Country Risk profiles. We at DIB Trade ensure bridging between you and our correspondent for arranging timely pricing and smooth arrangement at your door steps for such structured trade transactions.
How easy is an access to Trade Ops for an enquiry
The Three level access to trade operations is as follows:
  1. Relationship Management (Advisory / Consultancy / Expert Advice)
  2. Help Desk (Trouble Shooting / Enquiries Handing)
  3. Trade Counters (In person Deliver both inbound / Outbound)
  4. Contact List for enquiries to dedicated staff working at Customer Service Delivery (refer above)
How to apply for trade transaction?
Meeting with clients to understand business modalities is a major concern and trade services staff actively support business segment relationship managers in this regard. Once the formalities are complete, (which may include documentation, account opening, due diligence and review of relevant information) the approval process grants regular facility limits or one off transaction limits to customers. In some cases, such as Export LC advising and presentation handling, the bank also accommodates non-customers, subject to routing the same through established banking channel.
Do you offer export LC discounting under the Islamic structure?
We provide Commodity Murabaha Solutions in compliance with the Sharia principles on the shipment taking place under documentary credit and acceptance of the issuing bank in that regard as per prescribed format required by DIB.
Is there additional protection in terms of Compliance and Pre-Inspection?
Knowing the importance of Global Compliance Risk, Dubai Islamic Bank adheres to Compliance Operative Laws and both local and international regulations, covering all types of sanctions and ensuring trade transactions are carried out within set regulations. As a customer, you also receive coverage of third party inspections for subject goods under the Pre-inspection Protective Clause Modality, controlling any irregularity on goods shipped.
Why choose Dubai Islamic Bank for Trade Finance?
  1. We are the leading Islamic financial institution in the region, with a comprehensive Sharia Board in place to facilitate smooth structuring of trade transactions within Islamic ambit
  2. Over 40 years of International Trade Finance Experience with Full Fledged Trade Platform Facilitating Imports, Exports, Guarantees, Islamic Finance to Innovative Structured Solutions
  3. International Group Network Force Covering UAE, Pakistan and Kenya powered with Firm International Trade Expertise Catering both Local & Cross Border Trade Transactions
  4. Global Leading Financial Institutions Being Our Preferred Correspondents providing Comprehensive Range of Trade Product Service Deliverability
  5. Fully Complied with Local & Global Risk and Regulatory Environment For Screening and Controlling Trade Transaction Risk

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