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20 March 2024

Moving forward together: Dubai Islamic Bank teams up with Fitze for another first – the Ramadan “Move-a-Thon”


Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), a trailblazer in the financial sector of the UAE, embarked on a bold new initiative further propelling it’s ESG agenda with the launch of the Ramadan Move-a-Thon. Aligned to the essence of the holy month, this unique first of its kind campaign will take the wellbeing of the entire community to the next level promoting a healthy lifestyle whilst simultaneously inculcating a culture of giving.

The Ramadan Move-a-thon campaign, in partnership with Fitze, an innovative fitness app, engages all participants be a part of meaningful change - simply by contributing towards a collective goal of 1 billion steps in 30 days. Each step taken is a step closer to DIB’s pledge of donating AED 100,000 to Dubai Cares, an organisation dedicated to making quality education accessible to underprivileged children and youth in developing countries.  Participants, through this initiative, will not only get a chance to be part of the greater good collectively, but a select few will also have the opportunity to win prizes, making it a win-win for themselves and for the community.

Jawaher Al Shamsi, Head of Corporate Communication and PR at Dubai Islamic Bank, commented: " As an organization that leads by example, DIB has persistently proven that great leadership does not seek power, but rather empowers. Demonstrating this belief, we are proud to announce another purposeful and impactful initiative from DIB - the Ramadan Move-a-Thon. Every year, we eagerly wait for this month of reflection to take the advantage of boosting our spirituality and contributing to good deeds. By encouraging participation in this challenge, we are not only promoting a healthy lifestyle but also reinforcing a culture of giving back to society. This campaign exemplifies DIB’s commitment to community engagement and well-being through innovative partnerships, having our customers embrace this spirit of giving that goes beyond our banking relationship. By fostering meaningful connections and partnerships, we ensure that our initiatives resonate with our community and drive engagement, inspiring positive collective action. We are confident that this charity challenge will accelerate more initiatives over the next few years that help motivate, challenge and reward customers in a unique way, but most importantly making a meaningful impact.”

The buck does not stop there, DIB continues to double down on the well-being of our community by financing an equitable future for all through the provision of quality education, affordable housing, top-notch healthcare, innovative employee well-being programs, accessibility of people of determination and aiding humanitarian causes aimed at uplifting the most vulnerable members of society.

As the Move-a-thon challenge continues, DIB and Fitze encourage residents across the UAE to join in and be a part of positive change as a commitment to their personal wellness and community empowerment.

Download the Fitze app ( for free on Apple AppStore, Google PlayStore, or HUAWEI AppGallery and let’s come together to make ourselves and the country fitter, stronger and healthier.