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Mandatory KYC Details


At DIB, the customer always comes first and it is our constant endeavor to enhance your banking experience. We are also committed to the best standards of regulatory compliance.

As per Central Bank regulations, all banks are required to maintain valid identity documents/ information of their customers, at all times.

Important note: In case KYC is not updated, restrictions will be applied to customers’ accounts; restriction will include access/use of the following products and services Cheque book issuance, Online & Mobile banking, Credit and/or Debit Card transactions (online and Point off Sale use), ATM Cash withdrawal and IVR Services.


  • Customers can continue transacting and accessing services via DIB Branches
  • Business Banking customers can update their KYC by visiting any DIB Branch or by contacting their Relationship Manager

eKYC Web-link

For our customers’ convenience, we have have developed an eKYC web-link that will enable them to update their KYC details and ID documents without visiting the branches. During 13 – 21 June 2019, we sent a SMS with the eKYC web-link to customers with expired KYC details and documents to facilitate the update.

Please note: In some cases, customers with more than one account with DIB (e.g. Joint Accounts, minor accounts, etc.) may have received multiple SMS messages.

On 30 June and 1 July 2019, customers with expired KYC details and ID documents were sent a final reminder advicing them of the deadline of 5 days to complete the requirements failing which their banking services would face disruption from 6 July onwards:

  • Reduction in daily ATM withdrawals to AED 500

How to Reinstate Services

Customers can reinstate their services by updating their KYC details and ID documents through the eKYC web-link received via the DIBSMS. Once the eKYC form is submitted, the services will be restored within 3-4 hours.

Information on the eKYC web-link

The eKYC form is available in Arabic and English (for facilitating understanding) however, the details need to be provided in English only.

The following information/documents* are required to be updated by the customers.

  1. Nationality.
  2. Passport number, passport issue & expiry dates (along with copy of first & second or last page of the passport).
  3. Emirates ID number and expiry dates (along with copy of front & back of the Emirates ID card).
  4. Country of residence and origin, occupation, residency status, address.
  5. Source of income and anticipated transactions (related to cash, non-cash) and list of countries from where funds are expected.

*Please note that individual ID document size should not increase by more than 500KB.