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Recurring Wakala Deposit

  • Monthly
    savings plan
  • AED 1,000
    Minimum monthly contribution
  • Open via
    DIB Branch

For Fees & Charges, click here

For T&Cs, click here

For Key Fact Statement, click here

For Warnings, click here

For Shariah Certificate, click here

Expected Profit


Profit Payment Scenarios

  1. You will need to decide on a goal amount & recurring installment amount at the time of booking the Wakala deposit Goal amount = Recurring installment * Tenure (No. of months)
  2. Full profit to be paid if goal is achieved at maturity
  3. Profit will vary in case the goal is not achieved at maturity as per below:


Terms and conditions apply.

  1. Above profit rates are expected and based on past performance.
  2. The investment of the deposit is subject to Sharia principles applicable to investment under Wakala contract.

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