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Drive your Dream

  • Valid for Salaried and Self Employed customers
  • Profit Rate for Salaried Customers: starting from 2.05% per annum to 3.25% per annum (Flat Rates) (3.75% per annum to 5.96% per annum reducing)
  • Profit Rate for Self Employed: 3.10% per annum to 3.50% per annum (flat rates) (5.67% per annum to 6.41% per annum reducing)
  • Applies for Banking and Non-Banking customers
  • Minimum Salary for UAE National & Golden Visa Holder is AED 10,000, and minimum Salary for Expats (Non Visa Holder) is AED 25,000
  • For Expats (Non Golden Visa Holder): Profit rate will defer based on the dealer type (if Franchised dealer or Non Franchised dealers)
  • Available for new and used Cars
  • Digital Journey available
  • Offer valid till November 30, 2023
  • Offer applies on Non Electric Vehicles
  • This offer does not apply on Electric Vehicles
  • This offer does not apply on Step up Finance
  • This offer does not apply on Motorcycle financing