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Important Announcement

We are upgrading our systems to provide you with an even better and safer banking experience.

Latest update: The planned activity will take place from Friday, 14 June, 2024 to Wednesday, 19 June, 2024.

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You can continue using any of the following channels for your banking needs that will be available:

Following channels/services will not be available:

Business Banking:
If you process WPS salaries via Dubai Islamic Bank platforms or counters, you are requested to initiate the transactions on or before 13 June, 2024. Alternatively, transactions can be initiated after 20 June, 2024. If you need to process salaries between 13 June and 20 June, you are requested to make alternate arrangements as the DIB Channels/Services/Products that are listed above will be unavailable during this time.

Home Finance: Processing of new Home Finance applications, payments and service requests will not be available from 14 June to 20 June, 2024. Any application that is not booked OR service request which is not completed by 14 June 2024 will be carried out and processed on /after 20 June, 2024. For more information, you can reach out to your respective DIB Home Finance Sales for new application or Home Finance Call center on 8004354 for Service Related Queries.

Cards: One Time Password (OTP) facility for DIB Debit & Credit Card online transactions will not be available from 10 PM on 15 June to 4 PM on 19 June, 2024. Please plan your transactions accordingly.