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Instant, Paperless, Digital

Branch Locations

  1. Cheque book request
  2. Salary in advance
  3. SMS service registration
  4. E-statement registration
  5. Update personal information
  6. Change card PIN
  7. Block/replace card
  8. Credit card payment
  9. Fund transfers
  10. Bill payments

On the go

With over 50 different services available, simply login to the kiosk tablet using your debit card and access your account, complete services and spend less time in the queues.

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  1. Collect your Debit Card & chequebook at the time of account-opening
  2. Collect them from your account-opening branch
  3. Select branches can print your debit card and generate your PIN on the spot
  4. Start using it instantly

Instant accounts

There's no need to wait to receive your debit card and chequebook in the mail anymore - it's ready as soon as your account is open.

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  1. Schedule appointments for branch transactions
  2. Schedule appointments for current/future date based on availability
  3. Schedule appointments for services at respective branches
  4. Cancel / reschedule appointments
  5. Save your e-ticket on your phone for easy viewing
  6. On arrival at branch, generate a physical ticket at the Q-machine

On-The-App Appointments

We're enhancing the customer experience and helping you beat the queues - simply use the app to book your service ticket, cancel it and more.

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  1. Easily accessible on mobiles
  2. Reduced wait time at branches
  3. Reduced “no shows“ by allowing cancel/rescheduled appointments

Easy To Use

By ensuring the system is easy to use, the process becomes quicker, more efficient and more convenient.

More Details
  1. No waiting for card/chequebook delivery
  2. Receive pre-activated card, ready for use
  3. Enhanced customer branch experience
  4. Reduced possibility of risk & fraud - card hand-over at time of account opening


We're focussed on making your everyday banking experience as easy and as secure as possible.

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